Veteran's Assistance

Veteran's Assistant

Ric Smart
3rd Floor
#1 Courthouse Sq.
Macomb, IL 61455
Phone: (309)833-3275

VACMC: Veterans Assistance Commission of McDonough County

VACMC is a County Governmental Agency operated by and for U.S. Veterans. VACMC is authorized to act as the central committee for Veterans’ Assistance in McDonough County under the Illinois Military Veterans Assistance Act (330 ILCS 45/1 et seq.) and is funded in accordance with the provisions of the Illinois Counties Code (55 ILCS 5/1-1001 et seq.).

The Veterans Assistance program is an emergency and interim financial assistance program and should not be considered to be an ongoing financial supportive program. All assistance provided by the VACMC is predicated on an established standard of need as set forth by IDHS. It is not the intent of either the Commission or the County to provide assistance either less than or in excess of the levels of assistance adopted by IDHS. As provided by the Illinois Counties Code (55 ILCS 5/5-2006), the funds provided by the VACMC for its assistance programs are obtained solely from appropriated tax moneys levied on property owners in McDonough County. Standards of indigence are applied by the Department of Human Resources in the State of Illinois and the Standards of Indigence set by the Veterans Assistance Commission.

Assistance Given Upon Qualification

UTILITIES: Utility payments will be made, providing the applicant qualifies in other respects. No deposits or past due bills will be paid to the utility company.

RENT PAYMENTS: This Veterans Assistance office does not pay security deposits, back rents or home finding fees. Rent shall not be paid to relatives unless it is a separate rental dwelling.

TRANSPORTATION: The VACMC provides a van for transportation to VA medical facilities. Days of operation are Monday thru Friday. Our first priority is to the Iowa City VA Hospital. Trips to the Galesburg, Peoria and Quincy VA clinics will be scheduled if possible. There is no charge for this service.


**Veterans are encouraged to schedule their appointment times as early as possible in the day, and as far in advance as possible with the medical facility and VACMC as all drivers are volunteers. The VACMC van leaves two and one half hours before the first appointment of the day and departs Iowa City no later than 3:00 P.M.**
Veterans may schedule rides by calling (309)833-3275
A Veteran whose last period of active military service was Honorable and met the time in service requirement for the era in which the veteran serviced unless the veteran was discharged for a disability incurred in the line of duty (not as a result of the members own misconduct) that was found to be service connected by the US Department of Veterans Affairs.

Applicants: Applicants must be a Veteran that has resided for sixty (60) consecutive days (prior to applying) in the State of Illinois, in the County of McDonough with no present intent to move out of McDonough County, and unable to provide food, shelter, and medical care for themselves or their dependents. Applicants must have applied for Public Aid (AFDC, Food Stamps, and medical).

*Every Veteran has a right to receive and submit a written application for Veterans Assistance.*

Last Period of Service: Veterans who had more than one period of active military service and more than one discharge.

Active Military Service: is full time service in a branch of the United States Military.

Honorable Discharge: a discharge in which the character of discharge is described as honorable and General Under Honorable Conditions.

Reservists or National Guard Members who were involuntarily activated or federalized by the President of the United States or the Secretary of Defense during a period of hostility, served in the theater of hostility, and completed the term for which the member was activated. Any Honorably Discharged Reservist or National Guard Member who was federally activated and served honorably for a minimum of 24 consecutive active duty months for service other than active duty for training.


Reserve Duty: a member that is still in the military but not actively engaged. Active duty for training, service as a Cadet or Midshipman at the United States Military Academy, the United States Naval Academy, United States Coast Guard Academy, United States Air Force Academy, or in any component of the Reserve Officers Training Corps is not considered as qualifying service.

Misconduct: deliberate or intentional wrongdoing with knowledge of or wanton and reckless disregard of its probable consequences. Such a discharge would bar a veteran from Veterans Assistance.

Service Connected Disability: A chronic illness or injury found to be related to the veterans military service to a degree of 0% or greater by the US Department of Veterans Affairs.